Senator Janet Nguyen Condemns Killings of Forty-Three Mexican College Students and Advocates for Human Rights

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Senator Janet Nguyen has joined the international community by publicly condemning the senseless killings of forty-three college students who disappeared last fall in Iguala, Mexico. Senator Nguyen relayed this sentiment on the Senate floor before she voted in support of Senate Resolution 7 (SR 7) which draws attention to the many disappearances in Mexico and condemns the human rights violations committed by Mexican drug cartels and others.

The disappearance and execution of the forty-three students of the Ayotzinapan Normal School has brought increased attention to the deteriorating condition of human rights in Mexico. According to reports, the students were kidnapped on September 27, 2014 at the request of local mayor, Jose Luis Abarca, who ordered police to detain the students to prevent them from demonstrating near his events. Following eleven days of disappearance, the students were confirmed to have been executed and burned by a local drug cartel named Guerreros Unidos.

“Depriving any individual of their right to life deserves worldwide condemnation,” said Senator Janet Nguyen. “As a refugee who fled Vietnam seeking basic human rights and as a mother, I am sickened by the senseless murder of a group of students who were simply seeking a funding increase for their college.”

Human rights violations like these have become commonplace in Mexico. An estimated 26,000 citizens have disappeared since 2006, including: women, children, migrants, and indigenous people. As a neighboring country to the United States, the violence in Mexico has also spread across the border resulting in the killing of American citizens.

“The United States is a beacon of freedom throughout the world and we need to send a strong message of condemnation for the corruption and violence occurring in Mexico today. We must stand with the families of the Ayotzinapan students to ensure that a horrific act like this does not occur again in Mexico or anywhere in the world,” said Senator Nguyen.

Senator Nguyen is an advocate for human rights throughout the world. She has testified before committees of the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives and continues to meet regularly with members of both houses regarding the need to protect freedoms of speech, assembly and religion.

SR 7 was unanimously approved on Monday by the Senate.