Senator Janet Nguyen Honors Community Advocate Adela Montañez as 2018 Woman of the Year

Friday, March 16, 2018

In a ceremony on the floor of the California State Senate, Senator Janet Nguyen was proud to recognize Adela Montañez as the Thirty-Fourth Senate District’s 2018 Woman of the Year. Adela Montañez, a resident of Anaheim, is a Community Advocate Coordinator for Latino Health Access (LHA) who has dedicated her life to improving the health and wellness of the residents of the Thirty-Fourth Senate District. 

The “Woman of the Year” celebration was sponsored by the California Legislative Women’s Caucus with the goal of celebrating the contributions of women from throughout the State of California. Prior to the formal ceremony on the Senate floor, honorees were treated to a special luncheon in their honor on the South Lawn of the Capitol. 

“For more than two decades, Adela Montañez has been an agent of change in underserved communities by empowering residents through education, promoting health and wellness initiatives, and advocating for policy solutions,” said Senator Janet Nguyen. “Adela leads by example and her work has undoubtedly made the 34th District a better, healthier place.” 

Since 1996 Ms. Montañez has worked at LHA to increase access to information on health, community safety, community engagement and citizenship programs. Through her daily interactions with the community, Ms. Montañez has touched countless lives by empowering residents with information and by creating programs that have opened channels of communication that have allowed residents to learn about issues like access to healthcare, HIV and domestic violence. Of the many initiatives that she’s participated in, Ms. Montañez is especially fond of The Wellness Corridor, a project that promotes healthy and active lifestyle choices for the residents of the City of Santa Ana through the use of non-traditional open space. Ms. Montañez is also an active member of various community task forces that seek to build safer neighborhoods by combating gang activity through leadership development, health education and community involvement.

“More than anything this recognition is a celebration of the power and contributions of all women. Adela’s great strength and commitment to the community demonstrate how one woman’s initiative can change the lives of many,” said Senator Janet Nguyen.  

Following the “Woman of the Year” celebration in Sacramento, festivities continued at LHA headquarters in Santa Ana where a special get together was hosted by Senator Nguyen in honor of Ms. Montañez. The gathering welcomed colleagues and community members who have worked with Ms. Montañez throughout the years and who were eager to celebrate her achievement.