Senator Janet Nguyen Issues Statement on Governor's State of the State Address

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

(Santa Ana, CA) Senator Janet Nguyen has issued the following statement in response to Governor Jerry Brown’s State of the State Address.

“I’m pleased the Governor expressed an interest in bipartisanship this year; a recognition that all Californians have a place at the table. I hope that both parties and the Governor’s office can work together to implement any Federal health care changes that may come our way while ensuring that coverage is affordable and accessible for all. While there was little focus on the economy, the Governor and the Legislature should heed the warning signs of slowing budget revenues. In preparation for these revenue changes, we should grow our rainy day fund, pay down the more than $240 billion in debt and sustain programs that are important to Californians. I am eager to work with the Governor and my colleagues in the Legislature to move an agenda forward that benefits all of California.”