Senator Janet Nguyen Issues Statement in Response to Governor Brown's State of the State Address

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Senator Janet Nguyen has issued the following statement in response to Governor Jerry Brown’s State of the State Address:

“Today, Governor Jerry Brown delivered his last address to the California State Legislature. In his address, Governor Brown recognized first responders for their bravery and courage in keeping our state and its people safe from dangerous fires, mudslides and other deadly natural disasters. I applaud this acknowledgment of the brave men and women who have dedicated themselves to public service. As the need to protect Californians from natural disasters continues to be a concern, we must not forget other public servants dedicated to public safety. Equally important is the work being done by our local police who have been impacted by Governor Brown’s criminal justice policies which have released offenders directly into our communities. I call on Governor Brown to allocate the appropriate funds to our law enforcement agencies so that they can protect our children and families.

In matters of fiscal stewardship, I support Governor Brown’s call for financial restraint by fully funding the state’s rainy day fund as mandated by Proposition 2. However his budget proposal fails California taxpayers by continuing to allocate billions of dollars to the High Speed Rail boondoggle. In the next few months, as we negotiate a final budget, I look forward to working with Governor Brown and hope that a compromise can be reached that is fiscally responsible and responsive to the needs of Californians.”