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State Sen. Nguyen Requests $331 Million Due to Homeowners, Her Office Announces

June 25, 2015
Long Beach Post - State Senator Janet Nguyen, whose district includes parts of Long Beach, is working with the Senate Republican Caucus in asking Governor Jerry Brown to return $331 million in mortgage settlement funds to homeowners, funds they allege the State of California used to bridge the...

Senator Nguyen Appears on Fox News to Discuss the Constitutional Amendment Protecting the American Flag on State Funded Universities and Colleges

March 16, 2015
Fox News - Group of Californian lawmakers working on a bill that that would prohibit publicly funded universities from banning the American flag

CA Gains the First Vietnamese American State Senator - Janet Nguyen

November 5, 2014
New America Media - This is the first time the United States has had a state senator of Vietnamese descent. The state's 34th District includes parts of Long Beach and Orange County.