Senator Janet Nguyen Joins Colleagues in Calling for Funding for Victims of Human Trafficking

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Senator Janet Nguyen has joined with three of her Senate colleagues in calling for a $15 million budget appropriation for organizations that provide comprehensive services to victims of human trafficking. Funding would serve over 600 victims a year and would include but not be limited to case management, shelter, basic needs, and legal services.

California in recent years has become especially vulnerable to human trafficking. According to the California Attorney General’s 2012 report, “The State of Human Trafficking in California,” the number of people identified as victims of human trafficking in California is steadily increasing each year. Between 2012 and 2013, calls from victims in Los Angeles saw an 80% increase and calls from San Francisco saw a 20% increase, highlighting the unprecedented need for expanded services in California.

“Human trafficking has developed into a seriously troubling underground industry in California. As an advocate for human rights, I am deeply troubled by its precipitous rise in our State,” said Senator Janet Nguyen. “We cannot stand idle while this happens, our State agencies and community organizations need all the tools to help eradicate this ill and aid its victims.”

In 2014, the Legislature recognized the need for improved access to comprehensive services for victims of human trafficking when it approved $10 million in one-time funding. As a result of this funding, organizations were able to provide services to 500 survivors in California over a period of two years.

Joining Senator Nguyen as co-signatories on the letter to Budget Subcommittee 4 were Senators Patricia Bates (R-Laguna Niguel), Jean Fuller (R-Bakersfield), and Sharon Runner (R-Antelope Valley).